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We aim to support individuals to live a life free from destructive addiction. Addiction Therapy was set up to help people find the courage to change. We are equipped with the right set of tools to arrest your addiction and to help you discover a life worth living. We will work holistically with you exploring your needs so that you feel well supported in all areas of your recovery. We believe aftercare is paramount for your recovery because recovery will have its up and downs and the first year of recovery is a great goal to strive for.

During the first year, the dopamine levels and cortisol levels are getting used to a life without substance abuse; you will be supported during this process and will learn about post acute withdrawal syndrome so that you become self-aware of the physical and mental recovery process. Later in the recovery, support with the mental readjustment and any surfacing mental problems plays a major role. Therefore, we are very mindful in maintaining this in line with any Step based recovery process.

Our uniqueness

We are flexible in the treatment we provide. We are able to provide aftercare service as well as a sober support service. Our team consists of qualified psychotherapists and can also provide one to one therapy and after care support through groups during post treatment. We have first hand experience in recovery and know how much effort it takes to turn your life around. Driven by compassion and understanding, we are confident we can help you make a permanent change for the better.


With our own life experience of addiction,we have developed a deep understanding of and compassion for the suffering addict.

With our own life experiences of addiction, we have developed a deep understanding of and compassion for the suffering addict. With this experience over the years, we empathise and can relate to the consequences and repercussions of substance abuse. What we hope to achieve through therapeutic healing for those affected by this stigma, is to rejuvenate and transform them in a way that is compatible with a 12 Step programme.


We have been working in the field of addiction and counselling with people from various backgrounds for the past 18 years.

We have been working in the field of addiction and counselling for the past 18 years. A member of our team was the specialist addiction counsellor in government rehabilitation programmes working with clients to support them in the process of reforming their personality, with the hope that they will lead resourceful and industrious lives when released. We also took on relapse prevention open therapy groups, as well as therapy on a one to one basis. Our team members are also qualified to administer auricular acupuncture to clients detoxing from all mind altering substances especially crack cocaine. We are specialists in the disease of addiction and have committed wholeheartedly to our professional and personal development to understand the physiological & psychological side of addiction. We do believe that there are many roads to recovery, and the clients will need to find what they feel suits them best, so as to feel comfortable in their own recovery process.


We can support your recovery journey in the most appropriate way for you and in harmony with any other recovery support paths.

We can support your recovery journey in any appropriate way that is suitable for you and in harmony with any other recovery support paths you choose to practice. We also have experience not only in early recovery but in supporting the mental health and emotional needs of people in later recovery, both associated with addiction or any other mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, OCD, etc.

Our services

R T addiction therapy can provide a bespoke specialist service which can offer a 10 day home detox which will include aftercare & 10 sessions of addiction therapy which can be exstended after a review at the 10th Session. RTAddictiontherapy works alongside specialist Doctors and GPS from London's Harley St and assures clients of a specialist clinical service throughout the detox.

We provide a comprehensive range of therapeutic support to people who want to recover from addiction.

Rehabilitation counselling

Rehabilitation counselling

Rehabilitation counselling offers a holistic approach to your recovery journey. Client-centered rehabilitation will help you overcome whatever obstacles you are facing to reach a better quality life.

Rehabilitation can take place either in therapy or in some circumstances it may benefit the affected parties with residential treatment. Most programmes are between 4 and 12 weeks with intermediate reviews if appropriate. Some people manage to overcome their addiction simply by following the 12 step or another programme. The key is to have a programme and support. Through our work with addicts over the last 18 years, we have a good understanding of the options and can help you find the best way for you in your specific circumstances.

After care addiction recovery

After care

Aftercare is an important element to deter a relapse and to aid transition into a new phase of your existence. Through effective coping strategies, you will be guided with the necessary care and support.

Re-entering normal society after treatment can be both frightening and difficult. Having support from people who understand rehab, and have experienced it, and have been successful is vital to avoid relapse in this critical first year. We offer this service both on a group or individual level.

Sober coaching

Sober coaching

Sober Coaching will give you the needed guidance and support on a close personal level, helping you make and maintain progress through dedicated assistance and navigate a life free of addictions.

Sometimes aftercare is not enough and addicts newly abstinent, want a closer and more sustained support to enable them to navigate a life without drugs or addictive behaviours. This is why a sober coach is needed.

Addiction Counselling

Addiction Counselling

Addiction refers to a repetitive behaviour that cannot be easily controlled. However, a step by step process that is carefully crafted according to your requirement can help you be an overcomer.

Addiction counselling is a journey of practice, not perfection. During our sessions, we will explore what is underpinning your addiction and how it has served a purpose in your life. We believe that bringing an end to the addiction is the easy part but what we will focus mostly on is abstaining from addiction in the long run. During sessions, we will set goals and work on relapse prevention care plans that will support in maintaining recovery. Statistics show that if you put in the work, listen to the suggestions and engage wholeheartedly, your life is surely going to turn for the better.

Mental Health Counselling

Mental Health Counselling

Mental health is a pivotal aspect of leading a healthy and balanced life. Having peace of mind can equip you to live your life to the fullest while reaping the benefits of a life full of purpose.

During our sessions we will look to improve your mental health in general, by looking at four areas specifically: emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual. These four areas are vital, as we believe that if we aim for balance, you will begin to feel a lot more comfortable in your recovery process. We will also explore maladaptive thought patterns that may be hindering you from moving forward. We believe that what you have learnt can be unlearnt, and we aim to turn something negative into something positive with purpose and meaning.

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Richard Turner_Psychotherapist & Addiction Counsellor

FDAP   BACP  Professional Standards Authority

Richard Turner

Psychotherapist & Addiction Counsellor

Dip Couns Psychotherapist MBACP

Richard is specialised in the field of addiction and recovery process. He is a qualified psychotherapist with extensive knowledge of mental health, addiction, and recovery. Richard has worked in various positions in his career, but his actual role is working with people in a person-centred approach being genuinely alongside them wanting to help them in their journey of self-exploration and recovery.

Richard firmly believes anyone who wants to get better will get better. He has worked as a therapist for nearly 18 years, and he has worked with people at the top of their profession, and he has also worked with celebrities and the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people. The one thing that they all had in common was the disease of addiction.

The highlights of Richard’s career are seeing people maintain their recovery and rebuilding their lives. He has worked overseas helping to set up an affordable treatment centre in the North of Thailand. Richard has also worked on the island of Koh Chang, Thailand, in a treatment centre working with clients from a cognitive behavioural approach.

He believes that what has been learned can be unlearned, so he explores maladaptive thought patterns that can hold people in the cycle of addiction. On a personal level, Richard has received awards from the London Fire Brigade for bravery in rescuing individuals who were trapped in a fire. He has run two London Marathons for charity, one for the rehabilitation of addicted prisoners and one for children with leukaemia.

Richard wants to work with anyone who wants to find meaning and purpose in their life, recover and get better. Whether it be from addiction, mental health, bereavement, separation, or just with a need to talk and have someone to be there to listen and understand their struggle. Please call for a consultation if you think he could help you.

  • "I arrived using alcohol and pills every day and very worried about my addiction. Richard helped me a lot with group and one to one therapies . I really trusted him sharing my life and receiving really good feedback from him. When I was in panic decreasing the pills he was always with me giving me hope to finish with the pills and also the alcohol. Nowadays I'm feeling good going to AA and NA meetings . The treatment with Richard was essential to my recovery and I'm very grateful to him , since now I feel safe and I'm very lucky having had Richard as my Counsellor."

    • Luis, 63

  • “When I arrived I was hopeless and helpless. I can't believe I'm walking out a new man. Full of life and hope that my future is a bright one. I am grateful to my Counselor Richard who helped me at all time to complete the program. He has given me the tools to be successful in my life and my sobriety. I feel extremely lucky and fortunate!”

    • Oliver, 46

  • “I have always found Richard to be compassionate, kind and caring. he is very knowledgeable about addiction and recovery. He is never judgemental and offers me hope for the future that I will eventually beat my addiction and reassures me that everyone's recovery journey is different and that it is indeed a journey and not a magical event!”

    • Jane

Treatment centres

We have good working relationships with a variety of treatment centres

The Cabin Chiang Mai
The Cabin Chiang Mai

Expert-led Addiction and Mental Health Treatment steeped in tropical beauty and Eastern tranquility, a world away from your triggers

A Leading Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment Centre The Cabin understands that when it comes to successful, lifelong recovery, addiction treatment is just the beginning. That’s why we’ve created an all-encompassing programme that addresses all aspects of your health and wellbeing – in a fully personalised plan that treats your whole self.

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